Welcome to the 2018 ArrowCreek Ladies Golf Club season! Signing up is quick and easy! Do it now! It will only take a few minutes. Click the link below to get started.
INFORMATION ABOUT MEMBERSHIP, GAMES, and CHOICES on the form. If you are new, or have questions, please read below. FYI, the locker room refresh is underway and will be completed mid-April, in time for the golf season. 
OPENING DAY! May 1, 8 am. Your annual ArrowCreek Ladies Golf Club (ACLGC) membership dues include the Opening Day Coffee & Continental Breakfast, Rules Clinic on Course, Golf, Prizes, General Membership meeting, and Lunch. Sign up on Fusion!
18-holers: To play with the 18-holers, you need, on April 15, an established USGA GHIN index of 40.4 or below based on ten (10) 18-hole scores posted within the 12 months prior to April 15. If you do not have a GHIN number, you must provide a record of ten (10) 18-hole scores, played within the 12 months prior to April 15 which supports an index of 40.4 or below.  18-holers play on Tuesdays. Sign up on Fusion by Sunday at 5 pm to play on Tuesday.
AC 9ers: To sign up with the 9-holers, you do not need a GHIN number. The handicap chair will register you in GHIN and send you your GHIN number. Your member account will be charged $30 for the GHIN fee. AC 9er play days will be Wednesdays.  Sign up on Fusion by Sunday evening to play the following Wednesday.
Instructional Clinic: Any ladies club member may participate in the free lessons offered through the Instructional Clinic. Sign up on Fusion by Sunday evening only for the days you intend to play, as participation is limited.  You will receive a lesson from one of our pros and play 1 or more holes of golf, and then if you wish, join AC 9ers for lunch. Instructional Clinics will be offered on Wednesdays. This is a great opportunity for individual attention in a small group for the beginning golfer and for those of us who might want to improve our skills.  There is no additional fee for the Instructional Clinic.
AC 9ers and those signing up to start with the Instructional Clinic: After you have signed up, you will receive an AC 9ers Welcome Letter with your games and an invitation to an AC 9ers lunch on April 25.
MATCH PLAY: (18-holers only) The schedule and succession ladder for Match Play will be posted in the ladies locker room.  The Vice President of the ACLGC is responsible for running the game. Deadline for signing up for Match Play is May 1. This is a single elimination, handicapped game.  You will be paired up with another player; the player that wins the most holes will move ahead on the ladder.  If there is a tie at the end of 18, players continue on to hole 1 and play until one player is ahead.  The winner will move to the next bracket, the loser doesn’t continue.
You call the Pro Shop when you and your opponent agree to play and they will prepare your card with appropriate pops.  The rest is easy; just play your game.
For details on handicapping and scoring, please contact Glenda Hill at glenda.hill@forewardhealthcare.com. Report the win/loss to Glenda Hill and update the ladder in the ladies’ locker room. There is a fee of $15 for this optional game.
ECLECTIC PLAY(18-holers only) Participating in Eclectic play is an opportunity to see how you improve hole-by-hole over the course of 8 games played on the Challenge Course.  Gross and Net prizes will be awarded.  Declare your game as an eclectic and pick up your eclectic card when you sign in for a Tuesday play day.  Record your score on your eclectic card and turn it in at the end of the round. The tournament chairs will collect cards and record scores on a spreadsheet.  At the end of the season, they will determine the winners.  You are able to make up two games on a non-Tuesday if you play with another ACLGC member and check in with the pro shop before you play. There is a fee of $10 for this optional game. With questions about Eclectic play, send an email to robinacgolf@gmail.com.
GHIN-onlyThis choice means The Club at ArrowCreek registers you in the handicap system so you can post scores and maintain an index. It means you won’t be joining the ladies club at this time. The fee is $30. Your account will be charged.
With general membership questions, please contact Betsy Burgess, Membership Chair, at betsyhburgess@gmail.com
PS! The Luau will be June 13, 14,15. Watch for registration details coming soon! 
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