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STJGC Junior Leadership Group
STJGC Junior Leadership Group

Vision –
This program is being offered to Santa Teresa Junior Club members to give experienced junior golfers the opportunity to be role models for less experienced junior golfers, to grow their confidence as young men and women, and to develop leadership skills for the future.

The Junior Leadership group will meet in early January to elect officers for the year and to plan the three program events for that year. The group will elect a President, Vice-president, and Secretary, who will hold the office for one year.  All accepted Junior Leaders agree to participate in a minimum of three scheduled meetings/events throughout the calendar year, and to uphold and follow the STJGC Code of Conduct at all times.

 Three events during the year will be scheduled and developed by the Junior Leadership group. These events will promote the learning of the Rules of Golf, tournament play, preparation and experience, golf skills, and the fun and enjoyment of the game for less experienced and new STJGC members.
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