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STJGC Junior Leadership Group
STJGC Junior Leadership Group

Eligibility for Junior Leadership participation

The Santa Teresa Junior Leadership Program is open to STJGC members who are at least twelve years of age and have been STJGC members for at least one full year. All applicants must submit an essay (min. 200 words) that details what qualities they possess or would like to develop that would make them a good role model and a leader for less experienced junior members.

Two of the following additional criteria are also required to apply for the Junior Leadership Program: 

  • Must have participated in a minimum of ten STJGC Monthly tournaments prior to application
  • Have an NCGA handicap (GHIN) index of 12.9 or lower for boys or 16.9 or lower for girls
  • Must have participated in a minimum of six regional, state, or national junior golf tournaments (US Kids, JGANC, JTNC, AJGA, FCWT)

Applications will include the written essay and documentation of two other criteria as listed above. Applications will be accepted until February 13, 2016

The Junior Leadership group will meet in mid February to elect officers for the year and to plan the four program events for that year. The group will elect a President, Vice-president, and Secretary, who will hold the office for one year.  All accepted Junior Leaders agree to participate in a minimum of two scheduled meetings/events throughout the calendar year, and to uphold and follow the STJGC Code of Conduct at all times.

Three events during the year will be scheduled and developed by the Junior Leadership group. These events will promote the learning of the Rules of Golf, tournament play, preparation and experience, golf skills, and the fun and enjoyment of the game for less experienced and new STJGC members.

Junior Leaders who successfully complete all program requirements will receive a complimentary STJGC membership for the following year and will be exempt from entry fees for all STJGC monthly tournaments during the year they participate.

Junior Leaders will be eligible to compete in a Group only competition, that they will plan and schedule.

Junior Leaders will be part of a year-long competition, based on participation and contributions to the program that will culminate in two members earning a round of golf at Premier Northern California Golf Course.

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