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2017 Regular Season Schedule

MATCH #    DATE                       4:00 PM Match 4:30 Match      

Match #1    Saturday, June 3        #1 vs #2                      #3 vs #4

Match #2    Sunday, June 4          #2 vs #3                      #4 vs #1

Match #3    Sunday, June 11        #3 vs #1                      #4 vs #2

Match #4    Saturday, June 24      #4 vs #3  #2 vs #1

Match #5    Sunday, June 25        #1 vs #4  #3 vs #2

Match #6    Saturday, July 15       #2 vs #4                     #1 vs #3

All Match times listed are the starting time for the first group of each match. Players may arrive up to 60 minutes prior to their match time, and no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of each match

Due to the success of the 2015 and 2016 STJGC All Star teams, and the interest it has generated, we are forming our 2017 PGA Junior League Golf teams, and there will be four (4) Santa Teresa Junior Club teams in our own Home League.

The 2017 Santa Teresa Junior Club PGA Junior League Golf will consist of four teams comprised of STJGC members 13 years old or younger. Each team will have between 10-12 players, who will compete in six matches against the other three STJGC teams in the PGA JLG Scramble Match format, on the front nine holes of the Championship course at STGC. 

At the completion of the 6-match schedule, the 2017 All Star team will be comprised of 4 players from the winning team in the league, with 2 spots for the second place team, and 1 spot each for the remaining teams. 2 Wild Card picks will also be added to the roster from any of the teams.  

Regular season matches will be played on weekend afternoons (4-5 PM starts) on the following dates: Saturday June 3, Sunday, June 4, Sunday June 11, Saturday, June 24, Sunday, June 25, and Saturday, July 14. All teams will play on every date! Playoff rounds begin in August for local, and sectional playoffs, with Regionals in September, and Nationals in late October, or early November.    

The fee for PGA Junior League players is $250 per player, or $175 per player for multiple registrations in the same immediate family. $75 of these fees goes directly to the PGA of America, and is paid during the secondary registration process. All players will receive a player's jersey that will be fitted specifically for each player’s size, as indicated in the online registration through the PGA. 

There may be additional costs incurred for travel to local, and regional playoffs. Teams reaching the National finals will receive some travel, and hotel expense reimbursement.  

There is limited space available for the first 48 STJGC invitees to register. First priority for registration will go to returning players from the 2016 STJGC PGA JLG teams.

Click HERE for more information about PGA Junior League Golf.

Click HERE for a video about PGA JLG.

Click HERE to begin the registration process. After successfully registering with Santa Teresa, players will receive a link to the National PGA JLG registration.

If you have any questions, please contact Terry Sullivan., 408-225-2650

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