These guidelines will be used by the TLG&CC Pro shop staff.




5-Some play is not recommended but is tolerated for club members under the following rules.    This applies year round, which is a difference from the previous policy.    Before selecting this option all other options should be considered.  Recruiting one more player to create 2 3-somes is the favored option.  5-some play should not be the norm and should only be used in an emergency.

1)      The 5-some group must play in 4 hours or less.

2)      If the 5-some group does not finish in 4 hours or less, no person in the group will be allowed to play in a future 5-some group.


Outside play will not be allowed to play 5-somes. 





Ball drops are a great way for new players to meet more established players and welcome new members.   Ball Drops have the following requirements to be workable within our environment of being fair to all other members and to maximize open play tee times for financial reasons.   It is understood that it will be difficult to determine a 100% accurate number of players for a given ball drop.    However, it is in all our best interests to be as accurate as possible so that our Pro shop staff can make best use of our tee time resources.   Unused times are opportunity lost, and extra times result in backing up the course and give everyone a poor perception of our course operation.   


Failure to follow these rules could lead Twin Lakes board members to request the Ball drop return to specific tee times.   It is not the Pro shop staff’s responsibility to enforce these rules.   The rules are the responsibility of all participating members.


There are 2 alternative listed below.    The individuals organizing the ball drop may select either alternative.    But one or the other must be used to aid the Pro shop in managing tee times required.


The Pro shop staff will try to handle last minute player changes as best they can.   But all players should understand that last minute changes may not always be able to be handled.

1)      Any last minute additions will be accommodated by the Pro shop as openings are available.

2)      If no openings are available for the ball drop, the player must schedule an alternative tee time.

Alternative #1

1)      A Ball drop must have a captain that is willing to communicate issues and receive feedback from the Pro shop.

2)      The Pro shop is willing to reserve an average number of times for a given Ball drop.

3)      The Pro shop will attempt to accommodate the Ball drop if extra times are needed, but especially during peak season, if the captain has not requested sufficient times by Wednesday PM, the Pro shop may not be able to fulfill the request for additional times.

       Ball Drop Captain responsibilities

1)      Be a focal point for potential players in order to determine their intention to participate.

2)      Confirm tee time usage each week to the Pro shop by Wednesday PM.

3)      Request additional tee time usage needed back to the Pro shop by Wednesday PM.

4)      Notify the Pro shop of unneeded tee time usage by Wednesday PM so they may be used by others.



Alternative #2

1)      All potential participants must call into the pro shop and communicate their intention to play in that week’s ball drop by Wednesday PM for an upcoming weekend Ball drop.

2)      As of Thursday morning the Pro shop will determine the necessary tee times for the ball drop that week.   All unused times will be opened for the use of other members or outside play at Pro shop discretion.


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