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Fall 2016

$10,000 payout! And other news . . .

It's safe to say Craig Eller did not anticipate his start to the 2016 Fall Festival. Even after two, that wasn't the shocker. Craig plays off 6. No, it was the way he tallied his 7 shots. Try 6, 1. Yup, double-bogey, eagle, as in ace, as in hole-in-one, as in a $10,000 check.  To call it routine would be like calling Furyk's swing classic. 

After that rousing start, the rest of the weekend's play went off without any further shockers. Congrats to winners Eller and Rich Miller, Warren Garrison and Dean Leonard, Pete Athoe and Cole Pasjuta. Miller and Pasjuta tied for the two-day combined low net individual competition with 143s. 

If you haven't been up to Boundary in a while, the city approved and CourseCo has implemented a $2 fee increase for both resident and non-resident players. Now is probably a good time to renew your resident status if you reside in Walnut Creek. 


President's Message
Thanks to all who stayed on for the general membership meeting after Sunday's Fall Festival round and lunch. We were able to pass important motions including approving our ability to underwrite NCGA tournament entry fees going forward.
We also got a lot of good feedback and ideas on tournaments. Here are a few: offer a $10,000 hole-in-one prize at every tournament. Offer some new tournament formats. Have afternoon weekday 9-hole events. There were more, all strong, valuable ideas.  So here's the reality. Einstein said: "Genius is 3 percent inspiration and 97 percent perspiration." The board has operated all year with only five of nine positions filled. Most significantly, we've operated without a treasurer. In year's past, members would volunteer to be tournament directors. For whatever reason, that did not happen this year. If you have ideas for how you'd like to see the club run differently, volunteer for a board position. 
A reminder to renew your membership for 2017 will be going out soon. The club will again opt to accept payments online only and will not mail out renewal notices. This is a significant savings of time and money. Don't worry, you will get lots of email reminders, however.
We've got some fun tournaments coming up, including a member/guest event in November. It's the perfect opportunity to show a golfing friend how much fun we have here at Boundary, and what an exceptional course we're lucky enough to play. If you haven't played many events this year, now's the time. Prime weekend tee times and a great chance to win prizes and bragging rights. Hope to see you at one of our final tournaments of 2016.  



Congratulations to Club Champion Matt Clay who defeated Adrian Pena 2&1


Fall Festival September 24-25

Day One Better Ball 

First flight -- Rich Miller, Craig Eller (61)

Second Flight -- Dean Leonard, Warren Garrison (57) 

Day Two Par Point 

First Flight -- Pete Athoe, Cole Pasjuta  (90) 

Second Flight -- Robert Colvin, Jim Harrington (94)


36 Hole Individual Stroke Play Competition 

Cole Pasjuta, Rich Miller -- 143  


Senior Championship  September 11

First Flight -- Glenn Nelson (67) 

Second Flight -- David Williams (67)  


Two Man Better Ball Aug. 14 

First Flight -- Paul Barsamian, Patrick Moran (58)

Second Flight -- Chris King, Christopher Payawal (60) 


Two Man Par Point August 6  

 First Flight -- Rich Shi - Sam Shi (91)

Second Flight -- Emre Kosmaz, David Williams (101) 


Two Man Match Play  July 9-10

Flight 1 -- Athoe/Pasjuta defeat Carter/Carter 3 & 2 

Flight 2 -- Cutaia/Skyhawk defeat Fjelbo/Ryle 2 & 1 


Three-Way Challenge  June 18

First Flight -- Farrell/Farrell, Arora/Arora, McPhee/Barsamian, Cramer/Clay (4-way tie: 66)  

Second Flight -- Horn/Lynch  (65)


Four Man Team Championship June 6 

Miller, Eller, Kohn, Tedlock  (191) 


Boundary has several decorated flower beds between greens and teeing grounds. Between holes 8 and 9; between holes 14 and15; between holes 16 and 17; between 17 and18. Do you know the procedure if your ball comes to rest in one of these decorative flower beds. 

Any ball coming to rest in a decorative flower bed, or if the flower bed interferes with the player’s stance or the area of the intended swing, the ball must be removed and dropped within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, no penalty.  (Covered by Rule 25-1b) 

How about the protective screens on holes 7, 8, 16, 17, 18? What is a player entitled to? Relief for stance and swing without penalty. A player is not entitled to relief if the screen only interferes with line of play. (Covered by Rule 24)

Upcoming tournaments

Four Man Team Medal Play October 16 (Deadline Oct 1) 

Turkey Shoot November 6 (Deadline Oct. 27)

WCMGC Member/Guest November 19 (Deadline Nov. 10)

Holiday Classic December 3 (Deadline Nov. 24)  



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