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2 Person Modified Chapman - Saturday Feb 2, 2013 - 9:22 AM

Final Payouts  +  Final Skin / Flaggie Results

What a turnout for the first event of the 2013 season!  80 die-hards satisfied a craving for a little winter golf, with some great scoring to boot.

Congrats to Tom Nevell and Brian Carlson, combining for 69 to take low gross of the field.

Scroll down for detailed scoring and payouts.


Fee(s):$60 (online signup)
Flights2 (First, Second)
Tee Box:White
Handicap %:50 %


Flight: First
T-1Ryan Meneely 160 pts
T-1Brian Carlson 160 pts
T-1Keith Adams 160 pts
T-1Tom Nevell 160 pts
T-5Eric Dunkel 115 pts
T-5Kurt Niedermeier 115 pts
T-7Chris Kummerow 97.5 pts
T-7Nick Hengtgen 97.5 pts
T-7Dan Barker 97.5 pts
T-7Adam Hengtgen 97.5 pts
T-11Ben Dyer 80 pts
T-11Steve Crosier 80 pts

Flight: Second
T-1Randy Jones 160 pts
T-1Grady Irvin 160 pts
T-3Michael Umbach 137 pts
T-3Peter Umbach 137 pts
T-3Anthony Nirschl 137 pts
T-3Chad K Waddle 137 pts
T-7Warren Shaver 97.5 pts
T-7Brandon Madden 97.5 pts
T-7Jason Larsen 97.5 pts
T-7Eric Wilson 97.5 pts
T-11Randall Berg 40 pts
T-11Sam Fevaleaki 40 pts
T-11Craig Tarrant 40 pts
T-11Bubba Pressley 40 pts

Gross Score
Flight: First
 1Tom Nevell 69
Brian Carlson
 2Keith Adams 72
Ryan Meneely
 3Chris Kummerow 74
Dan Barker
 4Steve Roberts 75
Christopher Spagna
 5Tom Morris 76
Scott Ulman
 T-6Matthew Stutzenberger 77
Martin Gonzales
 T-6Brett Duncan 77
Gunnar Grosenick
 T-6Mark Sullivan 77
Glen Pastika
 9Joey Bates 78
Mike Amodei
 10Mark Negrie 79
Jim Osborne
 11Greg Ellis 81
Rob Stonesifer
 12Gary Enholm 84
Jim Clark

Gross Score
Flight: Second
 1Randy Jones 72
Grady Irvin
 2Warren Shaver 78
Jason Larsen
 3Bubba Pressley 79
Sam Fevaleaki
 4Larry Cushnie 85
Chris Nussbaumer
 T-5Noah Fay 86
Erik Helms
 T-5Will McMurtry 86
Trevor Steinthal
 T-5Gerry Nolte 86
Randy Weathermon
 T-8Craig Tarrant 88
Randall Berg
 T-8Terrence Whaley 88
Roger Elo
 10Ronald Peterson 89
Alan Bernahl
 11Eric Helmer 91
Michael T. Little
 12John M. Webster 95
Gerald Incrocci
 13Eric Hansen 96
James W. Miller

Net Score
Flight: First
 9Keith Adams 64
Ryan Meneely
 T-10Tom Nevell 66.5
Brian Carlson
 T-10Chris Kummerow 66.5
Dan Barker
 12Scott Ulman 67
Tom Morris
 13Mark Sullivan 68
Glen Pastika
 T-14Gunnar Grosenick 70
Brett Duncan
 T-14Jim Osborne 70
Mark Negrie
 16Matthew Stutzenberger 70.5
Martin Gonzales
 T-17Mike Amodei 71
Joey Bates
 T-17Rob Stonesifer 71
Greg Ellis
 19Christopher Spagna 73
Steve Roberts
 20Jim Clark 76.5
Gary Enholm

Net Score
Flight: Second
 8Randy Jones 60.5
Grady Irvin
 9Sam Fevaleaki 66
Bubba Pressley
 10Randy Weathermon 66.5
Gerry Nolte
 T-11Craig Tarrant 68
Randall Berg
 T-11Warren Shaver 68
Jason Larsen
 13Larry Cushnie 71.5
Chris Nussbaumer
 T-14Ronald Peterson 72.5
Alan Bernahl
 T-14Terrence Whaley 72.5
Roger Elo
 T-16Noah Fay 73
Erik Helms
 T-16Will McMurtry 73
Trevor Steinthal
 18Michael T. Little 75.5
Eric Helmer
 19James W. Miller 78.5
Eric Hansen
 20Gerald Incrocci 79.5
John M. Webster

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